Developed by clinicians for clinicians,
Thieme EIDO Healthcare leads the way in providing flexible solutions for medico-legal consent

With 20 years’ experience in supporting clinicians, our informed shared decision-making consent solutions has been approved by the Indian Medical Association

Our cloud-based digital consent solutions have been developed to support health professionals in efficiently and effectively taking and recording informed patient consent. They enhance the patient experience, improve clinical workflows and protect organisational and clinical reputations.

Thieme EIDO consent solutions can be bought directly by your hospital or seamlessly integrated into third-party healthcare technology systems.

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Managing and obtaining informed consent from patients in their own home

Patients can access and review high-quality, simply explained, surgical consent information at home. This reduces clinician workload as well as increasing patient understanding and engagement.

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Our whole procedure library digitally optimised and accessible for everyone on desktop, tablet or mobile

Digitally delivered procedure documents and high-quality, photo-realistic animations to support informed consent, improve patient understanding and outcomes.

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Thieme EIDO Consent Tools


  • Thieme EIDO Inform is a library of procedure-specific consent information documents
  • Improves patient experience and protects hospitals against litigation
  • Anaesthetics through to Vascular, over
  • 350 procedure specific documents.

Procedure Information Articles

  • Select from Thieme EIDO library of nearly 400 procedures and send an article to the patient, via SMS or Email.
  • The patient can view the article on their phone, tablet or computer.
  • The link sent to the patient is unique, allowing their activity to be tracked and related to their digital consent record.
  • Available in English, Hindi, and Marathi
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The Thieme EIDO 10-step document production process

The following rigorous steps ensure that EIDO’s information is produced to a gold standard. Clinicians can feel safe in the knowledge the information they are giving patients is evidence based, accessible and up to date

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