About EIDO Healthcare

EIDO Healthcare has over 20 years of experience in supporting clinicians, patients and administrators in high-quality, evidence-based patient information. Our informed shared decision-making consent solutions set the global standard and are used in over 1,000 hospitals worldwide across 5 continents, including among others; over 65% of UK NHS acute hospitals, 85% of UK acute private hospitals, nearly 50% of Australia’s principal referral hospitals and the UAE’s largest healthcare network. That extensive knowledge and experience in medico-legal informed consent means that we can help mitigate and reduce the risk of litigation and legal claims, lower operational costs, increase patient satisfaction and strengthen informed shared decision-making in surgery. EIDO’s cloud-based digital consent solutions have been developed to support health professionals in efficiently and effectively taking and recording informed patient consent. These have been meticulously designed to enhance the patient experience, improve clinical workflows and protect both organisational and clinical reputations. Our consent solutions can be licensed directly by regulatory authorities, public or private hospitals, independent clinicians or seamlessly integrated by third-party healthcare technology providers into electronic patient record (EPR) and wide-ranging patient pathway electronic healthcare systems. We are committed to helping our customers achieve excellence in the vital areas of informed consent and clinical governance. For more information about EIDO Healthcare, please visit www.eidohealthcare.com.

About Thieme Group

Thieme is a leading supplier of information and services contributing to the improvement of healthcare and health. Employing more than 1,000 staff, the family-owned company develops products and services in digital and other media for the medical and chemistry sectors. Operating internationally with offices in 11 cities worldwide, the Thieme Group works closely with a strong network of experts and partners. The products and services are based on the high-quality content of Thieme’s 4,400 books and 200 medical and scientific journals. With solutions for professionals, Thieme supports information processes in research, education, and patient care. Medical students, physicians, nurses, allied health specialists, hospitals, health insurance companies and others interested in health and healthcare are at the focus of Thieme’s activities. The mission of the Thieme Group is to provide these markets with precisely the information, services, and products they need in their specific work situation and career. Providing top-quality services that are highly relevant to specific audiences, Thieme contributes to a better medicine and healthier lives. For more information about Thieme, please visit www.thieme.in.


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